Except with the prior written consent of The Heartwood, renter shall not (a) cause or permit the facilities to be injured, marred, or in any manner defaced or changed, (b) place any nails, hooks, tacks, screws or other fasteners into any part of the facility; (c) place or permit to be placed any signs on walls in any part of the facility. No decorations such as posters, pictures or banners are the be installed inside or out. In addition, no confetti, flitter or loose décor item is permitted. Open flame candles must be enclosed. Sparklers are permitted outside and the client must provide adequate receptacles and disposal of the use thereof.


Access to the facility starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday/Sunday events, and 12:00 PM Monday-Friday. Events must conclude no later than 10:00 PM, and each client will have 2 hours post-event to remove personal items, décor, equipment, etc.


Clients are responsible for guests and their actions while on premise at The Heartwood.


The Heartwood has limited parking available on site. Should additional parking be needed, other parking lots on premise are available with written notice, in advance. If valet is desired, the renting party is responsible for contracting and paying for these services.


Any alcoholic beverages must be served through a liquor license holding vendor and a copy of liability insurance and alcohol insurance must be provided. The COI must list The Heartwood as additional insured. No person under the age of 21 is to be served alcohol under any circumstance. The venue reserves the right to halt or end any event in violation of his and/or remove violating guests from the premises.


The Heartwood does not have an exclusive catering contract, all caterers are welcome to provide food and beverage services at the Heartwood. A copy of their business license and COI must be available.


All deliveries must be made the day of your event, no earlier than the access time granted. Items are not permitted to arrive in advance, nor stored overnight. Items must be picked up the following business day at 9:00 AM sharp, unless otherwise agreed upon.

**Certain dates, clients may be required to remove items the night of the event or early the next morning (before the next business day). Clients will be made aware of this as early as possible, any costs or arrangement of pickup is the clients responsibility.


The Heartwood is not responsible for lost or stolen items while on site, nor left, damage or otherwise to vehicles on premise or personal items in those vehicles.

Cars left overnight must be removed by 10:00 AM the following day, or will otherwise be towed at the owners expense.

Any cars towed or ticketed due to being parked in fire lanes, tow zones or “no parking” areas will be the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to recover and/or pay for.


Clients and/or their vendors are responsible for removing all trash at the conclusion of the event. Trash must be placed in the herbies outside the venue, all boxes broken down. Any grease must be taken with you off premise and disposed of elsewhere.


The Heartwood has the following rental items available for use (included in your rental fee)

10 round tables (5ft, reclaimed wood)

1 moveable bar (8ft, reclaimed wood)

100 chivari chairs (white with a white pad)

3 banquet tables (reclaimed wood, varying sizes)

All "heavy rentals" (tables, chairs, staging, etc) and linens/cloth must be ordered through the venue. Smaller items (China, glassware, etc) can be brought in by the client or a vendor.


Rates and availability are subject to change, without notice. Dates are not secured without a signed contract and deposit. Failure to send in both in a timely manner may result in the loss of date, change in rate, or loss of deposit.